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We’re all Minù

Getting late to an important business meeting because the alarm has accidentally been snoozed. Going out with the dress label still on and realizing it only after someone else has pointed it out. Begging our best friend to never give birth, as kids drive you crazy, only to find out she was about to announce her pregnancy. Falling down in the middle of the street on a first date, because of high heels and an extremely tight skirt…That’s a Minù girl.

But let’s be clear: we are not talking about a sloppy or helplessly unlucky person. We are referring to the average woman, usually in a hurry, super busy, with a lot on her mind, with hopes, dreams, ambitions and, from time to time, with her head in the clouds.

So we all are, more or less, Minù, aren’t we?!

How many times have you found yourself in similar embarrassing situations? Some of you might also have their own catastrophic compilation, but the most important thing is to gracefully recover from them, always with a hint self-irony.

What a better way to do that, than wearing a piece of jewelry from the young and colorful collection by Giovanni Ferraris?

Every Minù jewel is able to channel people’s attention on itself, rather than on your faux pas, thanks to its elegant and stylish line and its colorful and unique design. Every piece is perfect for any situation; whether you need to add the final touch to your everyday outfit, or you want to sparkle during a special occasion.

Thanks to their attention to details, the high quality materials and the elegant design, Minù lines meet the tastes and needs of a strong and charismatic woman, always curious about everything around her.

An independent and resourceful woman that might be a little distracted because she has a lot on her plate, but like any other woman, she likes to be noticed for her class and uniqueness.

Almost spilling coffee on a handsome colleague might even pass unnoticed, if you are wearing a stunning eye-catching Minù jewel you might have even bought yourself. Yes, because it’s ok to pamper yourself with a present, as a reward or to feel even more beautiful, confident and free, deciding yourself what to wear, without worrying too much about other people’s judgment and tastes.

Whether you are wearing a smart outfit or a casual one, Minù has the perfect accessories to match your style. You can choose among a kaleidoscope of colors, a vortex of precious stones set in fashionable rose gold, soft nuances (like the romantic tourmaline and quartz in powder pink, or the moonstone in baby-blue) and multi colored gems; all carefully mounted to provide versatility and eclecticism to something that is more than just a piece of jewelry. May that be a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings.

There is a little bit of Minù in each and every one of us, and wearing a piece from its collections means sharing our everyday life and challenges with someone we can relate to and who is able to understand us, without forgetting, not even for a second, how special, unique, feminine and self-ironic we are!