Minù Mania

Ready-to-wear jewellery brand Minù started almost for fun, and has been joyfully exploring new emotions ever since.

Minù is the expresssion of Giovanni Ferraris, the smart and original jeweller who created a 9 Kt gold line that is affordable and perfect for any occasion. This collection includes informal, cute pieces in irresistible colours: the perfect match for any stylish and chic outfit, but easy-to-wear compared to high-end jewellery.

Minù is fresh and imaginative, sweet and free-spirited. Minù jewels are out of the ordinary, they spur your imagination and kindle your desires.


Introducing 2017 collections: Millebolle and Miriade

The names of Minù collections sound like sweet and romantic songs.
The different designs follow and reinterpret the newest fashion trends in an imaginative and relaxed style.

Giovanni Ferraris

In 2015, proud jeweller and craftsman Giovanni Ferraris celebrates 30 years of business. Experience, know-how, and imagination blend together in his workshop to give birth to original and fine collections.

Giovanni Ferraris experiments with technical and formal innovation in unconventional and daring ways, whilst respecting authentic Italian tradition. His work is known for his creative excellence and craftmanship.




Via C. Prevignano, 26
15048 San Salvatore Monferrato – Alessandria – Italy
​Tel +39 0131 233075 |  Fax +39 0131 237273

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